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Princess Tiana has discovered the identity of her family’s ancient enemy, but that’s only the beginning. Now she must find three gods scattered across Ceria and convince them to lend her divine power. An already momentous task is complicated by jealous fiends, squabbling siblings, and a demigod who seems more interested in games than salvation. 

Meanwhile, her elder sister Queen Jerya struggles to mobilize the armies of Ceria against the Blight. But politics, shady ambassadors, and assassins stand in the way of the military support and royal leadership her country so desperately needs.

Can Jerya stay alive and regain control over her kingdom? Can Tiana survive the Green Wild?

Available March 15, 2016

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Independence Day, Book Sales, Updates

My sons have been watching lots of YouTube videos, because that’s the modern state of summer daycare around here, and thus I feel an almost overwhelming temptation to start my post with, “Hi everyone, Chrysoula here!”

One day I might get around to posting more of my thoughts on current events in this blog. I DO talk about things other than books, but mostly on Twitter at the moment. But there’s definitely a lot to think about this Independence Day.

Or not think about! Here’s the book sale blurb! Matchbox Girls is 99 cents, down from 2.99! Citadel of the Sky is $3.99, down from $6.99. In the case of Citadel of the Sky if you don’t have it may I encourage reading it so you too can see what all the fuss* is about?

*The fuss: Citadel of the Sky tends to inspire strong opinions, some good, some bad. I had a review tour last month. It was… tempestuous.

As for Matchbox Girls there’s no better time to get started with the Senyaza series. The short story collection Etiquette of Exiles will be appearing in ebook form in less than two weeks and the 4th full novel, Divinity Circuit,  will be showing up in the autumn.

Ahem. I’ve been experimenting a lot with marketing, as you might guess. I’ll have a blog post at some point on the various services I’ve tried and the response I’ve seen. Some of my theories are not panning out. Other things are basically working. I would like to point out that Citadel of the Sky has a quarter page ad in RT Book Review, an actual print magazine, which is a small dream come true.

I’ve also been finishing up a round of revision on Divinity Circuit. After that my plan is to outline and generally do pre-production on a whole bunch of different novels:

  • Senyaza #5, tentatively called Hybrid Spirits and a direct sequel to Wolf Interval. I’d like to write and release this by autumn 2016.
  • Thrones #3, listed as Shrine of Summer in Citadel of the Sky. I’d like to write and release this in spring 2017.
  • Nightlights #2. I’d like to plan this extensively then write it slowly for Wattpad across 2016. We’ll see what happens. The toddler starts preschool so hope springs eternal!
  • Astromantica. Good old Astromantica. I meant to devote the whole year to you. Let’s see if we can at least produce an outline draft, eh?
  • High School Werewolf Unicorn Romance, possibly called Fangs 4 Flowers. This is an experimental book that I’d like to write and release fast. Although I’m not quite sure when…
  • Unnamed Space Opera. Sailor Moon meets Warhammer 40k. Another experiment, this time in finding out if I should be writing science-light SF. I’d love to write this one in November and December, for an early 2016 release, but we’ll see because it needs a lot more worldbuilding and thread-weaving than F4F will. On the other hand, my space-obsessed 8 year old is eager to help.

You’re thinking: Wow, that’s a lot! And it is, which is why I’m planning a good solid few months outlining. Honestly, I have three goals that all have to squeeze in together:

  • Continue on with my existing commitments. For Thrones of the Firstborn, that’s three more books. For Senyaza, it’s… a lot more books. Let’s call it ‘indefinite’. And Nightlights kind of deserves a sequel.
  • Experiment with writing a fast, emotional romance. One of the stories I wrote for the Senyaza collection was an attempt at mimicking the style of little kid chapter books. I found that the focus on clear, simple images and straightforward language was really addictive and quick to write. I’d like to see what happens if I do that again but with more adolescent subject matter. Also, romances sell better than everything.
  • See if I can find a niche where what I write is more in line with reader expectations. I… I can go into this more later in another post if anybody is curious.

My strategy for writing all these outlines will be a round-robin snowflake style. Very top-down, go through each of the projects for each design step. And I’m not quite giving myself as much time as I think I need, because you know what happens when I give myself plenty of time? I find ways to Not Work until I no longer have quite enough time. It’s ridiculous.

There’s a heat wave on here. It seems to be the new form of Seattle summers. We have no AC. And now it is time to take the children to a lake. So, uh, later!

It’s a new year.

Happy New Year! It’s going to be a busy year for me: I’m hoping to release CITADEL OF THE SKY (Book 1 of a new fantasy series) in May, and then a collection of SENYAZA short stories (about the first year after MATCHBOX GIRLS) in July, and finally the fourth SENYAZA novel in October. I’m also planning on going to Norwescon and Worldcon this year. AND I’m writing something new. Busy busy busy, how will I manage– oh.

On the 5th day of this new year, my 7 year old broke his leg. Very exciting, kind of traumatic. He’s adapting to his full-leg cast, his baby brother is adapting less well to the temporary loss of a playmate and I am trying to learn to juggle time even better because man, as distracting as this is, it is absolutely not the time to delay on projects that might earn a few bucks.

I finished the draft of DIVINITY CIRCUIT in November and I’ve been sitting on it since then, letting it season, waiting for beta readers. Meanwhile I’ve been working on short stories. I have so many short stories left to write: a couple more for the INFINITY KEY Kickstarter, bonuses for the WOLF INTERVAL Kickstarter, and extra material to put into the collection.

(Speaking of WOLF INTERVAL or INFINITY KEY or MATCHBOX GIRLS: if you’ve read them, would you consider writing a review on a retailer site? Those help in very concrete ways, in that lots of algorithms skip over books without a minimum number of reviews. Much appreciated.)

I’ve just finished a novelette about Penny. It’ll go out to INFINITY KEY backers in a week or so, and be generally available as part of the Year One collection in June or July. I haven’t titled it firmly yet but I think of it as ‘Penny and What Happened After’.

Next up, by request, I’m writing a very short vignette? story? about the Queen of Stone.

Then, THEN, I’m switching gears for a while to work on my 2015 project, Astromantica. I’m very excited by it. It will be something quite different from anything I’ve done before and as such it will require a whole new process. I’ve bought new markers and some sketchbooks to get myself started. 🙂

Books I’m Anticipating

My reading habits are weird.

I read a lot. I read articles and blogs on the web, and I carry my Kindle with me almost everywhere. But I don’t read new books that often.

This is because I don’t have very good self-control and I do have a job (even if I haven’t yet earned more than a cup of coffee from it) and dependents. When I pick up a new book, and I’m enjoying it, I start out trying to be reasonable: I read it when I have a bit of free time, or maybe when I’m doing chores I can do blind. I tend not to read new books right before bed because it makes it hard to fall asleep even if I do manage to put the book down–

–and inevitably, with a book I’m enjoying, I reach the Tipping Point. I fall headlong into the book, like Alice in the rabbit hole. Stopping reading becomes extremely hard, and in most cases it doesn’t even occur to me. I will do nothing that requires me to stop reading, until I’m done reading the book. Fortunately, lots of things can be done while reading, especially reading an e-reader. But I definitely neglect some responsibilities.

So while I read a lot, I mosey along mostly filling my head with rereads of Discworld, of Chrestomanci, of Harry Potter and Jane Austen. I listen to Georgette Heyer audiobooks. And I pick up a new book every month or so, and I reread an old book I’ve only read once (which is kind of halfway between an old favorite and a new book) when I’m bored with what I have. Earlier this summer I picked up Ghost Story by Jim Butcher, and Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase, and A Dance With Dragons by GRRM (still unread). I also read The Demon’s Lexicon series, and the Planetary graphic novels, and Dracula and The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and some other things.

But yesterday, 2 books were released that I’ve been anticipating, and in two weeks, 3 more come out. And unlike with A Dance With Dragons, I’ve no incentive to wait on these.

Waiting on these is really hard. I’ve been thinking about them a lot. And since I’m not letting myself read them until I finish my current work on Nightlights, I figure I might as well talk about them. Especially since some of these books are outside the normal range of things I buy– I usually read new authors at the library first, and pick them up on my Kindle if I like them (as I did with The Demon’s Lexicon). Unless they’re massively on sale.

  • Sins of the Angels by Linda Poitevin: I preordered this book. It’s not the sort of thing I do. It wasn’t subject to massive hype, or pre-publication awards. It’s not an author everybody’s talking about. I encountered the author on Twitter, read the first chapter on her website, noted that it had some similarities to my own novel without feeling the same, and decided to go for it. I’m not reading this until I’m ready to start work on the sequel to Matchbox Girls, because I’m sure it will get my thoughts racing about my own nephilim setting.
  • Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor: This book. My interest in this book is ridiculous. I’ve never heard of the author before. I’m a victim of hype, maybe, because I haven’t read anything from this book except the cover blurb and the first lines of a few reviews. Sarah Rees Brennan’s comment on it probably helped. I don’t even like the cover much. But I’ve dreamt about this book. I do like the title quite a bit; it looks like something that came out of my title generator. For perhaps obvious reasons, I’m also saving this as a palette cleanser between Nightlights and the Matchbox Girls sequel.
  • The Cold Commands by Richard Morgan: I’ve only read one other Richard Morgan book, but that was the prequel to this one, The Steel Remains. Despite how grim it was, I absolutely loved it.
  • The Children of the Sky by Vernor Vinge: Ohhh My God. Sequel to one of my favorite books of all time, A Fire Upon The Deep. A proper sequel, too, not a thousand-year-prequel (which was a very good book, but did not give me more Tines). I love the Tines. I have speculated on what would become of the Tines after the end of AFUTD repeatedly. It is an Old Favorite and  I never thought I’d get a chance to find out.
  • Snuff (Discworld) by Terry Pratchett: New Discworld novel. As you may know or have guessed, I’m a huge Terry Pratchett fan. I’ve figured out the right way to approach the stylistic changes in his last few books: rather than be angry and frightened by them, I’m just going to convince myself he has his own Brandon Sanderson. Stylistic changes are to be expected, given his situation, and the heart of his stories– the boundless affection for all the variations of humanity– hasn’t disappointed me yet. [Apparently Snuff is in 3 weeks, not 2.]
I’m also expecting to read The Broken Kingdoms  by N.K. Jemisin (sequel to The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms) relatively soon, and the final book of that series, The Kingdom of Gods, comes out October 27th.
So yeah. October (and late September) is New Book Month for me. I’m gonna have to try and budget for it…