Changes and New Things

This blog is now hosted on, but all the links and feeds and stuff should still work. We’ll find out! I can now write posts without having to wait 30-60 seconds for Dashboard interactions to complete. There may be the occasional ad below my posts; I’m saving up writing income to make those go away.

The blog also has a new look. Hate it? Let me know.

I’ve set up a mailing list to notify readers of new releases (and possibly the occasional other thing.) You can sign up here. ¬†Apparently mailing lists are the equivalent of bookstore shelf space, and how I maintain connections to an audience. I’m looking forward to finding out!

I’ve received edits on¬†Wolf Interval, which is the third Senyaza book. We’re aiming for an October release.

I may also have news on other, non-Senyaza projects soon. I hope so!

Here’s a cute picture of things I’ve made. I’m very proud of all of them.