Mist Protocol

I have a title generator. It fills me with glee and inspiration.

It’s a spreadsheet, full of word lists and formulas for combining those words. And 90% of what it generates is crap. I know from experience with previous generator construction that with enough work I can get it down to 50% crap, 40% inoffensive and 10% awesome and inspiring. And it will generate those titles quickly and painlessly, allowing me to scan a list easily and harvest the ones that suggest awesome images or ideas.

Generating the generator is fun, too, because I really love words. I like to look for interesting words, and common words, and think about how to combine them. I like to look at popular trends in titling and try to get my generator to simulate them.

It’s an utterly frivolous activity, I know. But sometimes I even use them! For example, in an old story, I named a spiritual entity the Scribe of Empty Spaces.

Probably, I should make a metaphor here so this is some kind of Important Writing Lesson.

But really, I just wanted to say, “I have a title generator! And that is why my blog posts sometimes have weird titles.”